Liberal luxuries, and second thoughts on the previous posts

Why don’t they give to the poor?,economic%20downturns%2C%20McClatchy%20Newspapers%20reports

Wealthy people, including big tech are the ones that should give to the poor. They have plenty of money, so they could share some of their money.

Every for-profit organization should give 10% of their profits to a religious tithe.

Of Microsoft’s $168 billion, shouldn’t it give $16.8 billion to a religious tithe? Sadly, they’re not religious.

Of $17 billion dollars Disney makes, it should give $1.7 billion to a religious tithe for the Church. Disney is not religious either.

Should the government tax for a tithe? 10% tax for a religious tithe, plus more tax for highway construction and such. The Evangelical Free Church and Baptists wouldn’t call for that, but the Catholics, the Anglicans, and Martin Luther might have.

When you’re at the checkout, and you pay $20.00 (not counting sales tax), why wouldn’t you pay an additional $2.00 for a tithe?

Being a business shouldn’t be all about “money, money, money!” It should be about “making good products and providing good services to good people and also those who don’t have it so good.” I am NOT saying that businesses should not make money, it just shouldn’t be all about the money. They need money to pay the cost of things. Sadly, people just get jobs to make money; Afterall, it’s the only way to make money.

There’s much more to being a business than just making money!

Microsoft and Disney have PLENTY of money! More than enough! I’d be surprised if they had much debt or if they were even remotely close to bankruptcy.

Second thoughts on the previous article

Trolls may be mean or bullies. Maybe we should protect ourselves from them. But we should be understanding of them. A lot of Quora and Reddit users are just not understanding of trolls.

Liberals, progressives, businesses, news sites, and even politicians don’t understand people who do good simply because it’s right. We should do what’s right not to get rewards and avoid punishment, but simply because it’s right, because we care.

I’m sympathetic of trolls

Liberals are sympathetic of Muslims, but in the same way I’m sympathetic of trolls.

News sites are not playing nice on trolls. The news sites, and the people that read them, don’t know what they’re missing.

The Guardian and CBC close comments on articles after a certain time.

If only there was a search engine that could filter sites by “comments open.” Like only showing articles that have comments enabled. Google doesn’t do that because it doesn’t want trolls to find a place to comment and troll people.

Google also removed the “link:” operator. Looks like if comments are closed or disabled on an article, trolls would use the “link” operator to find reposts to comment on instead. Google doesn’t want them to do that.

I think trolls should have the right to give out their thoughts and ideas and express their feelings. I think many trolls are just angry.

On the other side from trolls, people don’t know what they’re missing. What the people are missing is what trolls want to give.

On – I don’t know what email address to write to give a private comment related to a news article.

No, I’m not saying we should abuse people. See

We should love trolls as God loves all people.

More happening with the democrat agenda, than has been revealed

I will get the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones quote later.

Is there a grand unified theory? I’m inspired by the Theorizer on YouTube who gives six theories about the Incredibles. I will give a link to his channel later. Liberals could be to conservative Christians as the NSA in the Incredibles is to superheroes. I know Incredibles is just a fictional story all made up by Brad Bird, but that doesn’t mean that an analogous thing can’t happen in real life. Perhaps liberals want to get rid of conservative Christianity and everything to do with it, just as the government in the Incredibles wants to get rid of supers.

What if the Incredibles is connected to an attempt to stop liberalism? I will get a link to ”greatest conservative movies” on Conservapedia later. Having a female villain and male hero is conservative, while a male villain and female hero is liberal.

Liberals may be lying that they don’t lie. Maybe conservatives are right on some things. To be fair, I identify myself as a center-right, lean Republican.

Jojo Siwa and Barbie are sissy. Uncomfortable to guys.

So many innocent men have had their masculinity threatened by strong and ambitious women.

Maybe the removal of Xigmatek’s songs from Spotify could be connected to the democratic agenda. See Maybe the sissy women and democrats don’t want “cool” (opposite of sissy) songs on there. Is that also what’s happening with other songs like Cygnosic’s Remix and Reflect album and even O (Overdrive) by DJ Scot Project? That’s possible, but to be fair I do have some doubts.

Copyright may also be a friend of liberals. Liberals don’t want there to exist ”new and improved” versions of ”Party Rock Anthem” and such like the New and Improved Bunny Song. They don’t want versions of the songs with lyrics acceptable to Christians. They want fun and great sounding songs with bad messages. They don’t want alternatives. Unfortunately, a censored version of a song is not fair use. I think, as for CC-BY-ND, there should be an option to provide exceptions for translations and censored versions.

I agree that Conservapedia and even InfoGalactic are not reliable. They take conservatism too far. They will only polarize left and right, as will Parler. We need to depolarize the Republicans and democrats so that we can have more centrists.

On the news, we don’t hear everything important. We hear what liberal democrats tell us to hear. There are some things that they don’t want us to know. There are many things falsely declared fake news by liberals. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and such may be on the side of communist China.

We need to study all aspects of society, politics, religion, and science, not just the dogmatic narrow view of liberals (sounds like a Palpatine quote from Episode III).

I might add more tomorrow or another day, but I have to get showered and to bed when I posted this (April 7, 2022). If there’s anything I could add or you have any questions, say so in the comment.

Edit: Here’s some more.

So many articles about women being the stronger sex, on many different sites, have comments closed – is there a connection? The Guardian, CBC, and such. None of the comments talk about eugenics or genetic engineering. No person on the internet promotes use of eugenics and genetic engineering to improve the male sex.

Also, some of my blog posts are not indexed by Google. I check Google Search Console and it says ”URL not on Google” and also says ”not because of an error.” It doesn’t give the reason. Disturbing? Could it have been blacklisted? And it’s not just my controversial posts.

Banning a user permanently is wrong!

YouTube should readmit terminated users 70 times 7. Forgive them for violating the terms of service.

Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t have banned Trump permanently. Can they lift the permanent ban? Unban a permanently banned user? Can’t they break the permanence? Facebook and Twitter should let Trump on back on their platforms 70 times 7. The same goes for Instagram.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have violated Matthew 18:21, 22 by not forgiving the users they banned permanently. Forgive them 490 times. No, that verse doesn’t literally mean 490 times.

Banning a user should never, ever be permanent.

The government should also make a law that’s equivalent to the first amendment but applies to private companies, making censorship illegal. It would not be in the constitution. Sadly, so many delegates, being liberal, would not approve it.

That’s why I recommend Bitchute over YouTube, and Parler over Facebook. I even have an profile on Parler here:

Liberal hoaxes are real!

Satan has deceived scientists into acception evolution as a fact. Scientists have been deceived by the Devil into accepting Evolution as a fact!

Claimed proofs of evolution are FAKE!!!

I believe that a false idea can be established as a fact as evolution was.

The Devil wants us to believe that he’s a myth.

The Devil is hyper-dyper cunning! In fact, extrapemely cunning and clever!

Liberals want us to believe they are not lying.

Liberals are cunning and clever and deceptive enough that… they can make even the scientific community accept false ideas as solid facts. They can even penetrate scholarly articles.

If there is no God, why does religion exist? Why weren’t there more atheists in the Aztec empire and Persia and Egypt? How could atheism be illegal in Egypt, Persia, or the Aztec empire? What evolutionary advantage is there to believing in a God that doesn’t exist? What is the evolutionary disadvantage to believing the truth? The god-gene is real! Atheists are thinking of using eugenics to eliminate VMAT2. But face it, Christians have more children than atheists, and VMAT2 will prevail. What evolutionary, survival, or competitive advantage is there to believing lies like atheists claim “God” is? What advantage is there to believing in something that doesn’t exist? Nothing!

How could hunter-gatherer societies be theist and not atheist?

If atheism is the truth, why did Christianity grow to what it is today? Why isn’t atheism dominant?

If God doesn’t exist, what caused the Big Bang, and what caused the cause of the Big Bang? And what caused the cause of the cause of the Big Bang? And so on?

And the Bible history – why wasn’t that debunked hundreds of years ago?

To be fair, I don’t believe everything that Conservapedia says. Reality has a centrist bias, not a liberal or conservative bias. Or rather, it’s fair to both moderate right and moderate left sides. But it’s biased against both far-right and far-left. I don’t believe everything that fundamental baptists say either. I believe that conservatives make false claims too.

We need to de-polarize the conservative and democrat parties. I’m a millennial and male, and I am center-right on the political spectrum. I’m a moderate right.

There are exactly two groups of religions: Christianity which is one, and all other religions is the other. Most religions are man-centered. Only Christianity depicts God becoming a man.

Response to Peggy Drexler – why does not allow comments on their posts?

Why would men be emotionally more fragile? Why would men produce more stress hormones in response to little children crying? Afterall, aren’t women the childbearers that they should be concerned. Also, don’t women have more empathy that they would catch cries more than men. I also wonder how testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone affect emotional fragility. I’d be surprised if men with higher testosterone were emotionally fragile.

Is there any evolutionary reason?

Why was not found? Should it be lowercase? Is it outdated.

Still no word from after months.

Do women prefer men who are emotionally fragile? I’d be surprised.

Hurting the innocent is ALWAYS wrong!

It is ALWAYS wrong to kill anyone who hasn’t killed anyone!

Why did carnivores, pathogens, viruses, and parasites evolve? Why can’t predator and prey live in harmony like in Zootopia? Why can’t all living things live in harmony? Why aren’t all animals vegetarian or ultimately, why aren’t all living things autotrophs, making their own food instead of taking the lives of other living things? Unfortunately: overpopulation and resultant competition. See

In Saudi Arabia, converts from Islam to other religions are put to death. That’s murder! Apostates of Islam are murdered by Saudi police. That’s giving the apostates what they never gave.

Only one crime should be punished by death: murder! That’s giving them what they gave. Ruthless dictators and terrorists should be CRUCIFIED!

Radical Islamists have killed innocent people, and far-left democrats have messed up the lives of innocent Christians, and THEY WILL PAY FOR IT! Christians are innocent (because they accepted Christ as their savior), while far-left democrats and Radical Islamists are GUILTY! They are worse sinners than Christians! I am by no means claiming that I or anyone, even Christians and Ministers, are perfect. They are not! I never claimed they were. ever. They are just better than the wicked. If God thinks that all sinners are equally bad and that Christians and ministers are just as bad sinners as atheists and criminals, that could be just God’s false opinion. How are Christians just as bad? I don’t understand! Why won’t God just spit it out?

If only God had “Explain God’s Laws” like

Men intimidated by ambitious women? Strong and ambitious women will never get away with their agenda; They will PAY!

Burn ”The future is female” shirts!

Evildoers will never get away with what they’ve done! Good has to triumph over evil!


But don’t worry! Radical Islamists and far-left democrats still have a chance to turn and repent! Let’s not take that away!

They will join us [Christians] or die. Just like the quote in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in the conversation between the Emperor and Darth Vader. And we all know that’s just a movie. But anyway…

They will repent or perish. Didn’t John the Baptist say that? Suicide Commando wrote a song called ”Repent or Perish,” but I refuse to give the Spotify or YouTube link because the band is evil. The worst thing about the band is serial killers and blasphemy, not to mention swear words.

And just because a song is rated explicit doesn’t mean it’s good, even if it is a clean version. Suicide Commando and most industrial bands don’t have a clean version of any of their songs. But if I made my own industrial/EBM song without anti-Christian lyrics or bad language but futuristic and suspense and sci-fi themes, I might give Suicide Commando (lead by Johan Van Roy of Belgium) permission to remix my songs – the lyrics wouldn’t change. I might also give other aggrotech bands like Tactical Sekt and even Talla 2XLC (which is more benign) permission to remix.

Was I off-topic? Anyway…

We need Christians and Muslims to battle on Mt. Carmel like the Jews and Baal worshippers. When Jahveh answers with fire and Allah does not, Muslims will become Christians, thinking of the logic ”Allah would never allow fire to be sent down on the Christian altar!”

We also need a bright light like given to Saul of Tarsus.

When Jesus returns, atheists will see him and say ”Oh! Now I believe him now that I see him.”

The problem IS lack of evidence!

Conversation with the Devil, and conversation between the damned and God

If I were you, O Devil, I would just turn and repent and surrender to God, knowing that all is lost for me and God is unstoppable. The only thing you can do is do whatever God says.

My conscience responds “Oh ho ho NO! You wouldn’t! It’s just too hard! You would just throw a temper tantrum and curse God!”

And I believe my conscience is absolutely right.

Must be hard to be the Devil. Must be hard to be the first cause of all sin and have no one to blame but himself and have to take punishments he can’t take no matter how hard he tries.

Maybe the Devil, a demon, or damned person could say to God “Please forgive me! I demand and beg you!” God responds “No, I won’t!” and then the damned being says “I can’t take the punishment!” and then God responds “That’s the idea! You’re not supposed to be able to take it! It’s supposed to be more than you can take. Otherwise it would not be enough.” And the damned being responds “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And “Repentance IS UNSINNING! When I repent, I UN-SIN!” And then God responds “You are very illogical!” And then the damned being says “CURSE YOU FOR NOT FORGIVING ME!!!” And then God says “See, you’re not really repentant. You are just cursing me.” and then the damned being responds “Why did I ever choose to sin!?” And then God responds “Because it was your choice!”

Another conversation, the Rich Man might say,

“Please, take me out of this terrible pit! I will do whatever you say.” And then God responds “No, you will not do whatever I tell you.” Then the Rich Man says “I promise!” And then God responds “You’ll break that promise. I know you planned in your head, but we can’t have an endless cycle of repent-release-rebellion-damnation-repent-release-rebellion-damnation.”

If God forgave and released the damned, it would bbe an endless cycle of rebellion, damnation, repent, release, rebellion, damnation, repent, release, rebellion, damnation, and so on. Because when the damned are released, they will rebel because if they go back to hell, they believe God will forgive them and release them again. God has to settle plans.

A response to posts

Why haven’t men become the women they wanted to marry? Why won’t it let me comment on it? The comment section is blank? No “We no longer allow comments on this article” or anything like that?

If men never stop loving their mothers, why do women stop loving their mothers and fathers? If men want to be the little boy taken care of again, why don’t women want to be the little girl who is taken care of all over again?

I think liberals are exaggerating the differences between men and women.

The only way we can change men and women to physically be what they would ideally be, and the gender differences to be the ideal for the modern world, is for eugenics and/or also modifying the sex chromosomes. Is it possible to genetically modify the Y chromosome?

Aren’t the following crazy? david256 wrote “And Michaels father is actually her future husband who is her clone with genetically modified Y chromosome.” “They had the intention of creating a genetically modified Y chromosome to make a human male faster, smarter, and stronger.”

See the results for