Conversation with the Devil, and conversation between the damned and God

If I were you, O Devil, I would just turn and repent and surrender to God, knowing that all is lost for me and God is unstoppable. The only thing you can do is do whatever God says.

My conscience responds “Oh ho ho NO! You wouldn’t! It’s just too hard! You would just throw a temper tantrum and curse God!”

And I believe my conscience is absolutely right.

Must be hard to be the Devil. Must be hard to be the first cause of all sin and have no one to blame but himself and have to take punishments he can’t take no matter how hard he tries.

Maybe the Devil, a demon, or damned person could say to God “Please forgive me! I demand and beg you!” God responds “No, I won’t!” and then the damned being says “I can’t take the punishment!” and then God responds “That’s the idea! You’re not supposed to be able to take it! It’s supposed to be more than you can take. Otherwise it would not be enough.” And the damned being responds “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And “Repentance IS UNSINNING! When I repent, I UN-SIN!” And then God responds “You are very illogical!” And then the damned being says “CURSE YOU FOR NOT FORGIVING ME!!!” And then God says “See, you’re not really repentant. You are just cursing me.” and then the damned being responds “Why did I ever choose to sin!?” And then God responds “Because it was your choice!”

Another conversation, the Rich Man might say,

“Please, take me out of this terrible pit! I will do whatever you say.” And then God responds “No, you will not do whatever I tell you.” Then the Rich Man says “I promise!” And then God responds “You’ll break that promise. I know you planned in your head, but we can’t have an endless cycle of repent-release-rebellion-damnation-repent-release-rebellion-damnation.”

If God forgave and released the damned, it would bbe an endless cycle of rebellion, damnation, repent, release, rebellion, damnation, repent, release, rebellion, damnation, and so on. Because when the damned are released, they will rebel because if they go back to hell, they believe God will forgive them and release them again. God has to settle plans.

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