Hurting the innocent is ALWAYS wrong!

It is ALWAYS wrong to kill anyone who hasn’t killed anyone!

Why did carnivores, pathogens, viruses, and parasites evolve? Why can’t predator and prey live in harmony like in Zootopia? Why can’t all living things live in harmony? Why aren’t all animals vegetarian or ultimately, why aren’t all living things autotrophs, making their own food instead of taking the lives of other living things? Unfortunately: overpopulation and resultant competition. See

In Saudi Arabia, converts from Islam to other religions are put to death. That’s murder! Apostates of Islam are murdered by Saudi police. That’s giving the apostates what they never gave.

Only one crime should be punished by death: murder! That’s giving them what they gave. Ruthless dictators and terrorists should be CRUCIFIED!

Radical Islamists have killed innocent people, and far-left democrats have messed up the lives of innocent Christians, and THEY WILL PAY FOR IT! Christians are innocent (because they accepted Christ as their savior), while far-left democrats and Radical Islamists are GUILTY! They are worse sinners than Christians! I am by no means claiming that I or anyone, even Christians and Ministers, are perfect. They are not! I never claimed they were. ever. They are just better than the wicked. If God thinks that all sinners are equally bad and that Christians and ministers are just as bad sinners as atheists and criminals, that could be just God’s false opinion. How are Christians just as bad? I don’t understand! Why won’t God just spit it out?

If only God had “Explain God’s Laws” like

Men intimidated by ambitious women? Strong and ambitious women will never get away with their agenda; They will PAY!

Burn ”The future is female” shirts!

Evildoers will never get away with what they’ve done! Good has to triumph over evil!


But don’t worry! Radical Islamists and far-left democrats still have a chance to turn and repent! Let’s not take that away!

They will join us [Christians] or die. Just like the quote in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in the conversation between the Emperor and Darth Vader. And we all know that’s just a movie. But anyway…

They will repent or perish. Didn’t John the Baptist say that? Suicide Commando wrote a song called ”Repent or Perish,” but I refuse to give the Spotify or YouTube link because the band is evil. The worst thing about the band is serial killers and blasphemy, not to mention swear words.

And just because a song is rated explicit doesn’t mean it’s good, even if it is a clean version. Suicide Commando and most industrial bands don’t have a clean version of any of their songs. But if I made my own industrial/EBM song without anti-Christian lyrics or bad language but futuristic and suspense and sci-fi themes, I might give Suicide Commando (lead by Johan Van Roy of Belgium) permission to remix my songs – the lyrics wouldn’t change. I might also give other aggrotech bands like Tactical Sekt and even Talla 2XLC (which is more benign) permission to remix.

Was I off-topic? Anyway…

We need Christians and Muslims to battle on Mt. Carmel like the Jews and Baal worshippers. When Jahveh answers with fire and Allah does not, Muslims will become Christians, thinking of the logic ”Allah would never allow fire to be sent down on the Christian altar!”

We also need a bright light like given to Saul of Tarsus.

When Jesus returns, atheists will see him and say ”Oh! Now I believe him now that I see him.”

The problem IS lack of evidence!

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